Oboe Gouged and Profiled Cane

Oboe Gouged and Profiled Cane

Gonzalez gouged and profiled oboe canes are manufactured with highly precise machinery, so that extremely clean cuts are achieved ensuring a tight fold of the cane.
The raw material comes from our own plantations that are cultivated ecologically at the foot of the Andes.

Available in 3 sizes, depending on the original tube diameter:
-  9.5mm - 10mm (open)
-  10mm - 10.5mm (medium)
-  10.5mm - 11mm (closed)

To this is added a profile that can be wide or narrow:
-  Wide:
  -  A: 7.2mm (european)
  -  B: 7.06mm
  -  C: 5.67mm
  -  D: 4.19mm

-  Narrow:
  -  A: 7mm (american)
  -  B: 6.8mm
  -  C: 5.47mm
  -  D: 3.99mm


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