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Federico Palacios

Federico Palacios

Graduated from the Superior Academy of Strasbourg (Master’s degree), from the International Conservatory of Athens (Bachelor’s degree) and from the Vicente Ascone Conservatory in Montevideo, Uruguay, Federico was a student of prestigious teachers such as Francisco Martino, Denis Tempo, Armand Angster, Richard Stoltzman and Stanley Drucker.

Federico was the clarinetist of the Montevideo Philharmonic Orchestra, the National Radio Orchestra of Uruguay, the Athens Philharmonic Orchestra and the Northern Vosges Philharmonic Orchestra (France).  Also, he has been a director of many orchestral ensembles such as the Waldhambach Wind Orchestra (Germany), Romanswiller Wind Orchestra (France) and the Northern Vosges Philharmonic Orchestra (France). 

He is the principal clarinetist and founder of the Mo Ensemble (France), the Balanço do Morro Quartet (France), the Corda di Vento Trio (Greece), the Notiás Quintet (France), José Artigas Youth Orchestra (Uruguay) and Inter Arte (Uruguay). His experiences as a soloist lead him to share the stage with orchestras from France, Luxembourg, Uruguay, Germany and Greece. He has done the worldwide premiere of several pieces for clarinet, clarinet/piano, chamber music ensemble and plays for clarinet and orchestras.   

Federico was invited as a soloist for the award ceremony for European cities in 2015 at the European Council. A year after, the biggest classical music network, “Hello Stage”, choose his recording of the play “Catedral de Cristal” from the composer Leanna Primiani, as “Record of the week”. One of the best clarinetist in history, soloist of the New York Philharmonic Orchestra, Stanley Drucker, distinguished Federico’s first album “Yvi Piahu”, as «Great Recording». He has been awarded by the Strasbourg Philharmonic Orchestra and with the Juvenalis Award (Uruguay). In 2019 he was honored for his artistic career with the «Fausto» Award.

In 2019, Federico was chosen by the French Ministry of Education to join the examining jury for the National Competition for Stable Positions of Clarinet Teachers. Also, he is regularly invited by several music courses for clarinet master classes in France and Greece. He has been a clarinet teacher at the Freyming-Merlebach and the Strasbourg Conservatory and at the Music Schools from Grosbliederstroff, Sarre-Union, Sarralbe, Phalsbourg, CRFM (all in France) and at the Angeliki Mavroulis Conservatory in Nafplion (Greece), among others. 

Currently he is the Clarinet Artist Manager for the Yamaha Music company in Europe and continues to work on his activities as a soloist.